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Thu Feb 07 - 2019

@UKScouting @ukscoutnetwork @hitchinscouts would you #DitchADrinkForSeraph? https://t.co/qDQdglh28X

Sat Feb 02 - 2019

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Sat Feb 02 - 2019

@scoutadventures That's amazing

Thu Jan 31 - 2019

Our Beaver colony had a blast @thesnowcentre tonight completing their snow sports staged activity level 1 badge.… https://t.co/qbuqz6SBLW

Thu Jan 31 - 2019

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What is scouting?

Scouts was invented in 1907 by Robert Baden-Powell with just 20 boys. Overa century later the number is into millions worldwide. There are manystories around scouting, which could take up this entire pack – but suffice tosay it has evolved over the last century in many different ways.We aim to ensure that a balanced programme is achieved which allows thechildren to grow mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. Scoutsnowadays still need to Be Prepared as the old motto goes, and we havemany activities that are fun, testing and hopefully, a little bit out of theordinary – offering something new and different to everyone. We have triedmany activities over the last few years ranging from Bowling and archery tobouldering and kayaking. We have walked in the peak district campingovernight, conversely, we have walked for a couple of hours aroundDeacon’s hill in Hitchin.

All the scout basics are there, including hiking, camping, first aid andnumerous badges catering from hobbies and activities to in depth levelledbadges for swimming or aeronautics! We also aim to complete a ChallengeBadge every 1-2 terms, which when collected gains the Chief Scouts Goldaward – the highest accolade available as a Scout. To earn this, Scouts showtheir creativity, outdoor skills, help the community, learn about faiths andtolerance and ultimately – go on an expedition for a few days, planned andcarried out by themselves!

Joining the scouts will leave you in esteemed company as people such asKate Middleton, Major Tim Peake, David Beckham, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, RichardBranson, Ross Kemp and our current Chief Scout Bear Grylls, have all beeninvolved in scouting.